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Teaching Reading to Children
The foundational skills of developing readers plus links into literacy skills, articles and lessons

Reading Comprehension Lesson Plans
A menu of activities and strategies to support the goal of reading: comprehension

Reading Interventions
Diagnosing the problem and intervening with integrity are the keys to strengthening skills

Author Studies
Discover the joy of studying well-known authors with your primary students.

  • Patricia Polacco (ebook for a unit of study about memoirs using Patricia Polacco books)
  • Kevin Henkes (ebook guide for learning character development and vocabulary)

Teaching Vocabulary
About the three tiers and 5 direct activities to build academic vocabulary

Teaching Mathematics
Foundations of teaching math to young children and a hub of lessons, research and strategies.

Building Number Sense
Free download of number sense activities

Math Vocabulary
Strategies to encourage use of math vocabulary and develop "math talk" in daily conversations

Math Facts
About teaching math facts, expectations and best practices

Math Games
3 easy games that require higher order thinking and discovery of math principles

Science Lesson Plans
Article on what inquiry is and science lessons for primary teachers that cover a variety of standards

Life Science  (not a link)

Earth Science (not a link)

Physical Science (not a link)

Chemistry (not a link)

Holiday Activities

Writing Strategies and Lessons
Developing lessons and inspiring children to write

Writing Paragraphs
How to teach a young child to construct a paragraph with examples and ideas

Creative Writing
Teach students to make a "movie in their mind" with teacher-tested prompts and topics

Six Trait Writing
What the six traits are and additional ideas

The benefits of journal writing and how it can enhance your writing instruction.

Types of ADHD and how schools address it.

How to work with autistic students in the regular education classroom

Classroom Communication Skills
How a classroom performance assessment can help teachers identify areas of difficulty in student communication and response

Differentiated Instruction
What is differentiated instruction plus 4 research-based strategies

Educational Technology
Different types of technology teachers use in the classroom

Second Language Acquisition
Strategies for teaching ESL to children.

Learning Styles
3 learning styles teachers should be aware of and how they can help kids learn

Brain Research
Implications of research into the brain and how a variety of stimuli impacts long-term learning

Classroom Management
Set routines, train students and set high performance expectations