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Teachable Poetry for Fluency and Comprehension covers the developing literacy needs of students in just 20 minutes, two times per week.

The purpose of fluency is to help a reader process language for both enjoyment and meaning.  According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, fluency and phonics are two of the main ingredients in becoming a reader.

Teachers are always looking for fun and accessible texts for students to do repeated oral readings with and also model fluent reading.  Within that framework is the need to model prosody and attention to the way the mechanics of language influence meaning.

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Mastering the components of fluency is the bridge that leads students to being able to comprehend the text.

Reading fluency is an excellent general indicator of future reading success when monitored using tools like Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM).

Teachable Poetry for Fluency and Comprehension is perfect for fluency lessons. It has never been so easy to implement fluency activities that produce measurable results!

Reading instruction strategies in each area are essential for students. 37% of fourth graders have "below basic" reading comprehension scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. This is a consequence of poor vocabulary and dysfluent reading.

As well, "fluency" is much more than simply reading words correctly. To be a fluent reader, we employ a variety of skills, including prosody, a strong knowledge of how words work, and comprehension of the text.

It is extremely difficult to remediate fluency skills of older remedial readers. This is even after Tier 3 RTI. The best solution is prevention by teaching explicit strategies.

Effective reading instruction strategies and fluency activities are science-based and evidence based.

There are particular skills that must be taught to early readers. The best reading instruction activities for fluency are ones that are implemented with integrity by teachers who have a strong working knowledge of the foundations of reading.

Evidence Based Reading Fluency Strategies for Older Readers

Are the same techniques used for younger students good for older ones? Of course they are. Regardless of the age, all kids that need additional support and instruction in fluency can benefit.

  • Word Ladders
  • Making and Writing Words
  • Paired Reading
  • Reader's Theater
  • Poetry

There is so little time, so how can teaching reading fluency and all its components be accomplished successfully and still have time for other things in a very busy school day?

teachable poetry for fluency and comprehension

Teachable Poetry for Fluency and Comprehension ebook immediately gives you two poetry lessons for every week of the school year.
These reading fluency passages have been carefully selected to ensure that your students will want to re-read them often!
Have a look at these samples (a few more are available for free at Elementary Poetry).

Chubby Snowman The Cheese Moon The Continent Song

The first lesson is a poem that your students are guaranteed to love. This poem is read to them, with them and independently by them. During this time you are teaching them to increase their reading fluency strategies. Learn how to scoop the phrases for fluent reading, discuss the meaning of the poem, and they put it in their poetry journals.

The next lesson is with the same poem, but now you will be teaching phonics, word building, deeper comprehension skills, and of course, the students will be re-reading the poem again.

This Poetry Journal is kept for the entire year, and the kids will go back to it over and over again, whether it is with a reading buddy or independently.

It has never been so easy to use explicit reading instruction strategies with fluency activities!

Over 1000 teachers have started using these materials in their classrooms, with great results. My research using it has been reviewed by Tim Rasinski at Kent State and he stated that the growth was not just statistically significant, but incredible!

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