Primary Teaching Resources

The best primary teaching resources are ones that are teacher tested, evidence based and available instantly. These teacher created materials work and your students are guaranteed to love them.

number sense activities
place value activities

Improving Reading Skills

Students earning their Reading Karate black belts!

Go to Reading Karate ebook

Struggling with how to increase reading fluency?  Over 2000 teachers have been using Reading Karate with great results.

All children start as White Belt Readers and quickly earn their yellow belt.  As they progress through multiple genres and increasing text difficulty, your readers become more fluent and increase their knowledge of different types of text.

It's easy, it works...your kids will love it.

Teaching Reading Through Fairy Tales

Have you been searching for a way to teach cultural literacy while working on academic vocabulary?

cinderella stories passport

Finding Cinderella is for you.

  • Develop geography skills using picture books
  • Character analysis
  • Tier 2 vocabulary development
  • Reading comprehension strategies
  • Interactive read aloud
  • Meta cognition
  • Cross cultural learning
  • It's fun - kids love this unit

Use this free unit as an introduction to teaching reading with fairy tales first. Click on the image, make the booklets for each child, grab the stories from your local library, and have fun!

Teaching reading through fairy tales

Teaching Phonics, Fluency and Comprehension Skills

These are the tools you need for teaching reading strategies - and they all tie into the Common Core Curriculum.

Teachable Poetry for Fluency and Comprehension is used as a Tier 2 reading intervention in my own classroom and the data was analyzed by Dr. Tim Rasinski! What did he have to say about it?

"Hi Shannon – I had a chance to look over the data you sent me.

This is VERY impressive.  The gains made by the students through authentic repeated readings is fantastic!

And from only 30 minutes per day!"

~Dr. Tim Rasinski

Teachable Poetry for Fluency and Comprehension ebook

Free Sample Pages for Teachable Poetry

Continent Song The Chubby Snowman The Cheese Moon
Five Fat Turkeys Five Little Pumpkins Frog's Lullaby
Three Little Witches Like Columbus Albuquerque Turkey

More Free Teacher Resources

Go ahead and grab more free teacher resources that k5 Chalk Box made especially for your classrooms.  

My favorite?  The No Staple Book for Writing - once you show your class how easy it is to make these you won't be able to stop them from writing.

Tip:  Make a series of books and put them in your class library!

Main Idea Worksheets Comprehension Worksheets Compare & Contrast Worksheets
Creative Writing Prompts Story Starters 6+1 Traits of Writing Ideas
Interactive ReadAlouds List Reading & Writing Observations Guided Reading Levels
Descriptive Writing Web Story Writing Web No Staple Book for Writing

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