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Bookmark these online math games for your center time.  My class loves to play them and even use them during indoor recess (Shhh!  Don't tell them they are learning while playing!).

Online games can help teachers meet objectives, enrich gifted students, provide remediation, and reinforce key concepts for everyone.

Many students find that using math computer games or math learning games are far less threatening than other forms of instruction.

math games online

Using fun math games will also provide mounds of practice - more than you could ever convince your students to do with paper and pencil.

You can even use them as springboards for mathematical discussions and use of math vocabulary.

I kept this page clear of distractions beside the links so you can bookmark it on your school computers. The math games are also organized by topic - feel free to send in suggestions if you find a game that isn't listed here and is really top notch.

Interactive Math Sites for Teaching

My absolute favorite is e-learningforkids.  I am amazed that this site is available for free.  It is a non-profit that uses storyboards to create interactive lessons for students K-6 on a variety of standards, including IB curriculum.

You have to check it out and put it onto your classroom classroom computers and iPads.  You can even email them and ask for the software to load into your computers to use offline!

Illuminations Ohio Treasure Chest
Smart Exchange Primary Games for Kids Jefferson County Schools Basic Math
E-Learning for Kids Shodor Interactives Top Marks Interactive Resources
Maths Zone Mr. Nussbaum Primary Interactives

Logic Games

Bloons Tower of Defense Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage Penguin Families
Bloxors The Challenge of the Seven Cups Odd Tic Tac
Makeover The Fruit Game Hooda Math
Monkey Banana Logic The Kidz Page
Puzzle Monster Conceptis Puzzles Discovery Education Brain Boosters

Number Sense

Count and Order Catch the Base Ten Blocks Base Ten Blocks
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Link to Learning - Number Sense Interactive Hundreds Chart
Teaching Ideas - Number and Place Value Primary Games for Kids Jefferson County Schools Basic Math
Five Frame Bead Numbers Gamebone

Math Facts Practice

Learning math facts remains important.  It is absolutely critical to future success in LIFE that our students know how to recall basic facts quickly and effectively.  

Right now the trend is to not hold students responsible for knowing this.  As long as they can understand and show why an equation works, it is supposed to be enough (or better).  

I disagree.  Both are important, and I continue to expect my students to know their math facts.  That's simply part of teaching math.

Math Baseball Pratt's Educational Resources Room 108 Math Drills
Addition and Subtraction Games Sheppard Software Fun For The Brain
Multiplication Moles Flight of the Knight Eggstatic Drop
Cool Math Games 4 Kids Math Magician Function Machine

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