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Looking for fun and cute meet your teacher ideas?  You are going to love this adorable back to school idea.

Eraser poem for Meet Your Teacher NightEraser poem for Meet Your Teacher Night

The first impression is so important, and most of our families decided how the year will go on Meet Your Teacher Night.

I've always tried to make my classroom friendly and a safe place for kids, but admittedly, I lack the cuteness many teachers naturally have.  So when I finally walked into school a few days ago, I saw that two of my colleagues had found the most adorable ideas on Pinterest for Meet Your Teacher night. 

One idea was called "Jitter Glitter" and had a poem with a small bag of glitter inside it for students to put under their pillows the night before school.  Cuteness!

Another one was using glow sticks and putting them on the desks with a tag that said, "Our future is bright in 3rd grade."  You can find these and other fabulous activities on my Pinterest Board "Meet Your Teacher Ideas"  at the bottom of the page. 

I am a known Pinterest failure, but really wanted to do something within my ability to do "cute."  So here is my Meet Your Teacher idea that is equally adorable and also budget friendly.

Eraser Poem and Card

I went to the teacher store to look around and see if inspiration would hit.  I found packages of 10 small erasers for $2.50 each.  An even better deal would have been from Amazon:

144 mini-insect erasers for $5.00

500 mini-erasers (assorted) for $9.60

Then I came home and spent an hour coming up with a poem about how making mistakes is ok and it is part of how we learn.  I thought this would be a great idea because I always have students who get so upset when they don't get everything right.  They expect perfection from themselves and often it stems from wanting to please the teacher.

So this will let them know right away that I expect them to make mistakes and that is just fine.

I thought it was pretty good, considering I had a six year old yelling at his brothers and two older boys fighting over the last piece of pizza. 

Eraser poem about making mistakes for Meet Your Teacher IdeasEraser Poem

Finally I put it all together with a cute cover and printed them as cards.  Inside each card I taped one of the erasers and also put a name tag in for the students to wear the first day.

To print them as a foldable, I had to print the first page, turn it so the picture was facing me and put the paper back in the printer for the second page to print on the same paper.  I'm sure there is an easier way to do it, but this worked.

Since there are two per page, I simply had to cut them in half, fold them, and tape the sides together (to keep the name tag from falling out).

Front of card for Eraser PoemFront of card for Eraser Poem

Here are two different formats you can download to use my poem and the card:

Eraser Poem for Meet Your Teacher Ideas - Word format in a ZIP file.  My message that you see in the picture above is on it but since it is an editable Word document you can easily erase it.

Eraser Poem for Meet Your Teacher Ideas - PDF (use to add your own message to the front cover; this is a great site for editing any PDF file).

Don't forget to follow my Meet Your Teacher Ideas Board on Pinterest, and share any ideas you have in the comments below. 

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