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Raise self-esteem with stories of famous people with ADHD. Positive role models help kids see that ADHD can actually be a blessing.

One of my sons has ADHD and it has been difficult at times, but he's going to be somebody really terrific when he grows up.

I knew he had ADHD - nobody had to tell me because all the signs were there, including the behavior plan his second grade teacher put him on. After the doctor confirmed my suspicions, he went into a hysterical depression (you do know most kids with this disorder are hypersenstive, right? That's just one of the characteristics of ADHD).

monkey with ADHD

He was so down on himself.  He kept saying he was stupid (he's actually gifted), nobody would like him now (he's very concerned about social appearances) and that he hated himself.

Can you imagine how that made me feel, both as his mother and a teacher?

For the first time I really thought about how the kids in my classroom and their parents must really feel when this happens to them.

I had to turn this around quickly and help my son see the positive aspects of Attention Deficit Disorder.  I acknowledged his feelings and listened - he needed to vent. Then we looked online for famous people with ADHD.

That was a breakthrough for him - not only are they successful but most are extremely rich!  The light-bulb came on for my boy and he couldn't wait to tell his friends that he has ADHD and will probably be famous one day (wink).

Can't we do this for our students? Of course we can.

Here is what Colin and I found that day, and I hope you take the time to share with your kids and their parents when the ADHD diagnosis hits.

Positive Characteristics of ADHD in Children

Ty Pennington
The energy and charisma Ty shows on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover is legendary. "I'm about as ADHD as you can get," Pennington told InStyle magazine. He is now a spokesperson for the pharmaceutical company Shire and is one of the most famous people with ADHD.

Some of the most inventive, creative and imaginative people have ADHD. In Psychology Today, it was reported that people with ADHD are 300% more likely to start their own company!

Famous people with ADHD all share these top 10 characteristics of ADHD:

  1. Originality
  2. Extremely Loving
  3. Sensitivity
  4. Creativity
  5. Intuitive
  6. Artistic
  7. Empathetic
  8. Exuberant
  9. Visionary
  10. Inventive

Famous People with ADHD

Many of these people have all acknowledged having ADHD in one form or another. Reviews of some great historical figures suggest that they probably displayed many of the characteristics of it.

Michael Phelps
With 14 gold medals under his belt at the Beijing and Athens Olympics, Michael Phelps may not seem ilke a typical ADHD child. However, his swimming is what helped him cope with ADHD. His mother helped him channel the excess energy into the sport.

Sir Richard Branson
Visionary, inventive, creative…these are characteristics of ADHD, but also describe Sir Richard Branson. In fact, these are the characteristics that directly relate to Branson's building an underwater plane, sending tourists into space, and founding of Virgin Airlines.

No written evidence exists that Mozart was ADHD, but he did display ADHD traits. As one of the greatest composers of all time, Mozart created beautiful and complex compositions. It has been noted that he was extremely energetic, became agitated quite easily, was highly creative and impulsive, and was considered to be something of a maverick in his day.

Albert Einstein
The greatest physicist of all time. Einstein revolutionized the world with his theory of relativity, equivalency formulae of E=mc2, and was also diagnosed with ADHD. He also did not talk until he was 4 years old, and was 7 before he began reading.

Thomas Edison
Inventor extraordinaire! With 1,093 U.S, patents, Edison was the epitome of creativity and intuitiveness. However, he suffered greatly from attention issues and was a great mischief-maker. By the way, his lack of attention and conformity to rules led his teachers to tell him he was too stupid to learn!

Walt Disney
Unbelievably, Walt was actually fired by a newspaper for "not having any ideas." Or perhaps he was actually daydreaming all of the wonderful ways he would bring children around the world cherished childhood memories? 

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