About k5ChalkBox

k5ChalkBox is a teaching site that goes beyond lesson plans and dives into the heart of best practices and current educational strategies that actually raise achievement scores.

It is run and contributed to by a group of educators, and administered by Shannon Dipple who has over 23 years in both elementary and middle school experience with an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction.


Today's teachers have to be very aware of making the best use of their limited time with students. On the other hand, there never seems to be enough time, does there?

Make every moment count.  The best way to do that is to have an excellent background into how kids learn, retain information and master skills.  Lessons that correlate to specific learning expectations can produce great results when delivered by a knowledgeable and accomplished teacher.

Our goal for this site is not to be like every other teaching blog.  We also love finding quick and easy lessons that look cute and can be printed off for immediate use.  But how are those lessons, templates and worksheets going to grow our students?

Often they don't.  They are great fillers or provide a much needed break (nothing wrong with that!).

So what makes k5ChalkBox different?  This site is for educators that enjoy and desire to learn more about:

  • dissecting research and applying it to the classroom
  • developing lessons that meet specific learning needs, often on the fly
  • meeting the needs of differentiated learners
  • maximizing classroom time for engaged learning

Each page is crafted with the understanding that teachers learn from each other and I feel a huge responsibility for information that is posted.  It must be practical, applicable and most importantly:  it has to work.

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